Child Abuse

Do you remember how cute my kid was just yesterday?  Actually… he was still that cute until about 2:30 today.  Here’s a little reminder if you’ve forgotten…


Now… Here is my kid after the attack of bimbo-scissor-hands…


Can you believe how short his hair is?  Ahhh!!!  I was almost in tears when I left the salon.  That’s what I get for taking him to someone I didn’t know.  I should have just waited until I went back to Missouri in a couple of weeks.  He was starting to look like a little hippy so I thought I had better get his haircut… now he looks like Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber!  Here’s what Cooper thinks of his new haircut…


CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE CUT MY KIDS HAIR LIKE THAT?  He was sitting on my lap so I watched her cut the back and the sides and she was really careful and was doing a good job and then she went around in front of him to cut the front and I nearly croaked when he turned around.  Thank the Lord his hair grows fast like Otey’s hair does.  After the attack, we came home and spent some time playing in the back yard.


These might be the last photos of Coop that I post for awhile.  I don’t want there to be a lot of evidence of his Mother’s child abuse when he gets older. 

  • Grandma/ Mom - Kathy, the picture of Cooper standing by the door looks like your Dad at that age. Somewhere there is a picture of him with about the same haircut. We’ll have to look for it when you’re home next. love mom

  • Grandma/ Mom - What did you do to my baby!? Give it 10 days and you’ll never know it happened BUT next time Cooper make Mom let Grandma do it. Love

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