Catch up…

Sorry I’ve been missing for a couple of days.  I spent all day Saturday driving.  Cooper and I left Alabama at 9:00 am Central and arrived in Indianapolis at 10:30 pm eastern.  Otey’s parents followed us all the way to Nashville, TN and then they headed west to Missouri.  It was great having them at the rodeo this weekend.  Cooper has so much fun with them (not to mention it’s such a relief for me to have their help).  I have many funny stories from the weekend.  While driving down the interstate, I got stung in the neck by a very large bee, that I had recently tried to murder with a very large bag of dried blue berries that exploded and flew all over me, sleeping Louie, and Cooper.  A cabinet in my camper got invaded by 9,368 Alabama fire ants that I murdered with some bug spray that stunk so bag we all had to evacuate the camper all morning.  I sat with my parking brake on in stand still traffic on I-65 north of Louisville, Ky for an hour and fifteen minutes while Cooper ate about 700 Cheerios.  It poured buckets at the rodeo and soaked my favorite pair of shoes that I left sitting out on the step.  Other then that, it was a pretty uneventful weekend. 

It’s great for us all to be back together again.  We are staying at my Parent’s house in Indianapolis and Cooper is in to everything.  He sure is moving fast these days.  I have been working on waving with Cooper for the past couple of weeks and this past weekend Cooper’s Grandpa and Grandma McCloy had him saying Bye-Bye.  Here is a picture to prove it…


We aren’t going to talk about you know who beating the Cardinals in the 2nd game of the World Series.  We can talk about the Cardinals royally kicking their rear-ends in the first game though!  Game three is tomorrow night in St. Louis.  Cooper will be wearing the same lucky Cardinals Pj’s he had on when they won Game one.  I’m not superstitious, but hey… why risk it?

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