Caroline + Briley

Had a photo shoot yesterday with a couple of Tennessee super models.  Caroline is a seasoned pro that I have shot several times, Briley on the other hand was new to my “no rules” photography style.  The girls had no problem cutting loose….

Sweet Caroline…

and her sidekick Briley…

The girls were sooooo good.  We took off just the three of us on a little “adventure” and what do you know?  Every time I told them to do something, THEY DID IT!  Is that how it’s supposed to work?  Apparently my kids never got that memo.  If that’s the difference between girls and boys, I got hosed.

After our super model adventure, we decided to meet back up with their booking agents (aka MOMS) and force them into a little photo fun.

Great day.    Great people.    Great life.    I LOVE IT.

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