Carnie Land & Ice Cream Cones

Cooper and I made it home about noon today.  After Coop’s nap we headed to the carnival that’s currently here in Ottumwa.  What is it about Carnival’s that can always bring out a town’s "finest" citizens?  We didn’t stay long.  There were only a couple of rides that Cooper could ride, but he did have fun on those!  This first pic is for you Mom… you always tell me you don’t care if they are perfectly focused.  I just stuck my camera on auto for Otey and it didn’t like the speedy merry-go-round!


Coop REALLY liked the "fun slide".  Mom and Dad on the other hand didn’t like the long SKINNY stairs and trying to get Cooper situated high above carnie land.  We both took him once and he loved it.



And what would a hot summer afternoon be without a trip to Dairy Queen?  I usually just get Cooper a cup of ice-cream and we feed it to him with a spoon, but today I figured what the heck… I have my camera with me… we might as well try a cone!  We started out holding it for him because he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t hold it by the pile of ice-cream on top.  He opened his mouth this wide every single bite!


After he got down to the cone, we just handed it over.


He then decided it would be fun to stick his finger in it and eat it with his hands.  He ate all but about the last half inch of the cone.  It got so soggy he just gave up.


What a good day.  I have to go to Missouri tomorrow for a prego-belly shoot, and then we close on our new house on Tuesday!  I hate to even say that we close out loud.  So far, we haven’t had the best of luck with this whole closing thing!  Keep your fingers crossed!

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