Can you believe this kid?


I totally hate to post that pic as a "sneak peek" shot.  Where do you go from there?  Here’s the truth Erica, they ain’t getting much better then the above picture.  How BEAUTIFUL is Averi?  Otey came in the house and said "Wow!  She is a pretty kid."  For those of you who don’t know Averi… she is the big sister of the "bump" below that will be entering the world on Friday.  Talk about personality.  Little miss sassy pants has enough for fifteen kids!  She talks so cute and so fast that I need a translator to understand all the while shaking her head back and forth with her hand on her hip.  I’m telling ya… too cute!  When I share a few of her parents you’ll see where she gets the looks.  For now, here’s a little (okay very big and round) baby bump for ya…


**Don’t worry Katie… I only edited two from this session for the sneak peek… I’m back to Caroline’s as we speak!**

  • Katie - You know me too well old Pal!

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