…here we come! Otey, Grady, and I fly out to San Diego tomorrow morning and I am soooo ready for some warm sunshine. I have submitted to the fact that winter has arrived in Iowa and warm sunny days are gone… until like April. Yuck. Anywho, I have a wedding to shoot on Saturday night, and I'm hoping to sneak in a wee-bit of shopping on Friday. You see, Ottumwa, Iowa isn't exactly the shopping capital of the world… or even of Iowa. Look out shoe departments… I'm ready for some action!

I am so behind on posting sneak peaks. Actually, all these people have their galleries already, so I can't even call them sneak peaks.

Whitney & Family – Marshall, Missouri



Her brother tried to act like he didn't like getting his photo taken… funny he rocked the super model face everytime the shutter clicked.


My favorite from this session…


Becca & Family – Marshall, Missouri


Karson (I think I just butchered the spelling on that name) caught a frog (or is it a toad?  I don't know the difference) in the middle of the shoot.  And when I say she caught it, I mean no help from anyone, it peed on her and everything and she didn't even care.  No miss priss here.


Sweet Kennedy…


A first for me, me finished up the session on the golf course.  Fun!


Jessica & Family – Kansas City, Kansas

I am in LOVE with this first image.  My favorite from the shoot…



How stinkin' cute is Brody… don't you love that name?


Pretty good gene pool he's pulling from.


Sidenote… Congratulations Mandi & Andy!!!  I can't wait to meet baby Ayson!

  • aunt harriet/mom - So glad you are back to blogging at a semi ordinary pace again! Sure did miss you when you were so busy!.Oh, thanks bunches for the great Grady fix and the Cooper and Grady fix. Sure do miss being a close part of their lives. Have a safe trip and enjoy the shoe stores for me too!
    love and hugs…
    Aunt H

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