Cake Balls

First off… HAPPY ST. PATTY’S DAY!!!  Cooper went to daycare today so that he could participate in the holiday festivities and one of “the guys” (that’s what he calls the other little boys at daycare) birthdays.  When we got in the car he said… “Mommy, Robin gave us cake… and it had ICE CREAM in it!!!”
His first ice cream cake…  now that’s a good day.


Now, on to Cake Balls.  I need to give you a little history on this whole cake ball thing.  For the past few months I have been addicted to The Pioneer Woman blog.  From the Pioneer Woman, I learned about Bakerella.



I told Otey that I think I’m going to give up this whole photography thing and just be a professional baker.

Do you think I need to learn to bake something that requires more than just adding 1/2 a cup of oil and two eggs to a boxed mix?


Anyway… I WANT TO BE BAKERELLA.  This is her cake ball recipe.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not attempt to follow my cruddy instructions.  If you want to make some cake ball treats…. go over to her blog and learn from the pro.


So… what you need….

Your favorite Cake Mix (yes… from a box).  Mine happens to be Devil’s Food.  Your favorite tub of icing (yes… it doesn’t have to be home made).  Mine is of course, chocolate.  Chocolate Bark or those little melting chocolate like things (I told you that you’d need to see her blog for real directions).  Lollipop sticks, and some sprinkles.  Oh!  And M&M’s.

Here we go.  Bake a cake.  Please notice the LARGE crack down the middle of mine.  I said I wanted to be Bakerella, I didn’t say I was anything like her.


Now you wait for your cake to cool… completely.  That part is tricky for me.  I’m not so good at waiting.  You fetch yourself a big bowl, and then you crumble up your cake.  See… who cares if my cake has a big crack?  After you get your cake crumbled up in the big bowl, now you get out the huge bowl that you should have used in the first place and dump all the cake crumbles over in to it.  Now take the big bowl, put it in the dishwasher, and mumble under your breath.


Now is when it gets good.  Get out your tub of icing…



Scoop the entire tub of icing into your bowl of cake crumbs.

9297eNow use the back of the spoon and mix and mix and mix and mix some more until you get this…

9298eNow you are ready to form the cake balls.  Don’t quote me on this (again… go look at the real recipe) but I make my balls about golf ball size.  You just roll them around in your palm until they form… well… balls.  That explains the title of this post… CAKE BALLS.  Now place the balls on a cookie sheet on wax paper.  Now, if you are a looser like me and have never owned a roll of wax paper in your life, use clingwrap as pictured.

9303ePlace the cookie sheet in the fridge to let the balls firm up.

Again… we wait.

Birds chirp.  Chirp.  Chirp.


Awkward silence.

Okay.  Now we get the balls out and stand at a fork in the road.  Plain old Cake Balls?  Cute little Cupcakes?  First, the cupcakes…

Cupcakes… perform the next four steps as pictured below.  No jokes about the first image.  Seriously.  Grow up.

Am I the only one laughing?


Roll ball to an oval, insert in to small flower cookie cutter, mush into a cupcake like form, admire your handy work.

Now is when I started dropping the ball on the photo taking.  I don’t have a photo, but it’s time to melt the chocolate, or bark, or little round melting things.  Use the color of your choice.  Today… I chose chocolate.  You dip the little cup portion in the chocolate and immediately dip the end of a lollipop stick in the chocolate and insert it into the bottom of the cupcake.  Place the cupcake back on the wax paper clingwrap upside down.

9324eOh my gosh those look soooooo messy.  PLEASE go look at the real deal.

Now, some more directions with no photos.  Heat up another color of dipping stuff (that’s not the technical name) and dip the top part of the cupcake.  You are supposed to just make the second color almost touch the first, but most of the time mine kind of overlaps.  Hold the cupcake right side up, and a M&M on top, the sprinkles of your choice, and WAH-LAH… CAKE POP!

9349eBack to that fork in the road… Plain old cake balls.  In my opinion, just as tasty… AND WAY LESS TIME CONSUMING.  When you get to the “cake balls chilled on the wax paper clingwrap” stage, stick in the old lollipop stick, and totally dip the ball in the coating of your choice.  Mine… you’ll never guess… chocolate.  Gently tap the stick on the side of the bowl and rotate the stick to make the coat smooth and pretty.

9181eI got all fancy pants and made little swirly things on them.  I waited until the dipped coating was completely dry, and then I took a (are you ready for this) big syringe and sucked up some melted chocolate and swirled the ball around and squirted it all around.  Not so fancy pants when I put it like that.  Here’s Otey’s to go pack to share at the office on Monday morning.

9179eAfter they are completely dry, the shell is very hard so you can put them in a bag or dish.  While you are making them, use a piece of foam to help them stand up.

My Cooper?  HE WANTS ME TO BE BAKERELLA.  He loves cake balls, cake pops, cake batter, pretty much anything that has the word cake in it.

coop1My Grady?  He wishes he was big enough for a yummy Cake Ball.


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  • Ashish - tutorial and template to use by the clveer Kelly at Be A Fun Mum. Christmas Dove Cookie Recipe from Baked Bree. *********** If you are after further inspiration for Christmas 2012 you can see more of

  • Deidre - Those look great. thanks for the recipe. i was thinking of wasting money and ordering them but now i see yours iam motivated!

  • Mom - I’m not very computer savy, I left my comment on yesterdays post!! I’LL repeat it. For those of you that follow Kathy”s cooking adventures, She never cooked when she was at home !! Guess it was learn or starve.

  • Tanya - Great job on the cake balls. I think those would make great gifts for around the holidays. I will have to print this post off and file it away in the recipe book. You will have to drop by my blog as I am giving away the Love Dare book. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  • JT - I LOVE bakerella too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lori leonard-swaim - Very pretty cake balls, but this looks so time consuming!!

  • Farming Fabulously - Wonderful Job with the Cake Balls Kathy! I haven’t had the opportunity to make them yet, they look so yummy. If you would like to send a package of them down to Marshall, I promise I would distribute them accordingly. *wink*

  • Heather - Look out Martha Stewart! Kathy McBakerella is on the loose!

  • Betsy - Oh, this just made my day! Anyone who knows me knows that I consume more cake in a calendar year than most do in a lifetime. I am a cake connoisseur. I love cake. Cake balls will be my new project, although they sound like a lot of work. I usually just drive to the cupcake bakery in Indianapolis once a week and enjoy a one week closer to 30 private birthday party. I may switch to cake balls.

  • Kim - Me and Grady…….WE WANT CAKE BALLS!!!!!!!
    They look delicious but man that’s alot of work, even for Bakerella! I’ll probably go to the donut shop, get some donut holes (we call ’em Timbits here) , get a tub of icing, stick a fork in one and dip it in the icing. And pop a few dozen in my mouth.

    Because I am waiting til I see you next and hopefully I’ll eat a real live authentic cake ball:)

  • michele - I will probably never have the baking-ambition to actually make these but they look so yummy that I am tempted to go preheat my oven right now!

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