By request… Cooper’s Room

I’ve had several emails this morning inquiring about the slide in Cooper’s room and the wall color. Here are yet two more crappy photos shot with a flash in Cooper’s room. Please notice the horribly tacky looking crib tent that I would not sell for a million dollars. The day we got it Cooper was right back to napping three hours a day. He calls it his “nent”.



The wall you can’t see is bright green with a navy blue “blurp” painted on it. It has a big double closet that used to have ugly sliding doors on it. Right now there is just a big opening trimmed in white, but soon it will have navy blue curtains covering it. The dresser you can just see a little piece of was my Grandma and Grandpas. I sanded it down and painted it before Cooper was born. I also painted different pictures on all of the handles. You could see most of the slide in the last post. Cooper is starting to like the little club house underneath the slide even better then the actual slide now. If he doesn’t want you to get him, he runs down the hall and dives straight in to one of the little holes that goes under there. You can’t reach him from either side if he doesn’t want to be captured. Sometimes there is lots of giggling involved and it requires some 2nd adult backup. So… what else do you want to know?

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