Busy Little Guy

During our many hours of holiday driving, Otey and I started counting the number of states that Cooper has been in.  He started traveling full time with us when he was 3 weeks old.  On the first of January he will be 11 months old, and he’s already been in 23 states. If you count the states he attended while he was still cooking in my belly, he’s been in 34. Here’s a map… Cooper has been to the dark purple states since March 1st, and the light blue states when he was still in the cooker.  All of these miles were in the truck except for a flight to Nevada and a flight to Florida.


And I wonder why Cooper is so busy all of the time?  Living in a little house in Iowa must be pretty boring for him!

  • Andy - You couldn’t have chosen another color besides “light blue”? The color challenged people are having a hard time seeing the other states! Maybe something with a little more contrast with the states that he has NOT been in. (Just giving you a hard time)

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