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My fall waiting list is OUT OF CONTROL.  I have been working on getting all my fall travel dates sorted out so that I can also make child care arrangements.  Here are some tidbits for you…

1. I still have one opening in Terre Haute this weekend on Sunday August 3rd at 9:00 am.

2. All of my September dates in Marshall, Missouri are full.  If I should have a cancellation, I will post it on this blog.

3. I have an opening in Marshall for late afternoon on October 3rd.

4. I am tentatively planning a trip to the Hannibal / St Louis area for the weekend of September 20th & 21st. Please email me ASAP if you are in this area and these dates will work for you and your family.

5. Bloomfield & Ottumwa clients… I have not forgot about you.  You will receive an email soon with dates that are open for appointments.  You guys are just easier to squeeze in because I don’t have to make travel arrangements.  Sidenote… if your work allows you to be available Monday-Wednesday for a 4:00 session I can fit you almost any week.  Email me.

Here is an idea of what I am trying to sort out…  There are 18 weekends until the end of November (I won’t be shooting in December unless you live in Vegas or Florida).  7 of those weekends I have rodeos, 2 weekends I have weddings, and 5 weekends are already scheduled for shooting out of town.  If you start doing the math… you realize that we’re running out of weekends!

  • Megan - Kathy-your kids are sooo cute, both little dawl babies, definitely up there with the Bender clan. Haha. You are soo creative with your pictures, whenever something important happens in my life (wedding, baby, etc)I will have to get on that waiting list of yours, but I think I am good because this won’t happen until at least 2020 and by then you will be old. 😉 Haha, just kidding maybe some glamour shots would do the trick. Ha, REALLY kidding again. All kidding aside you are one very talented girl with a good lookin little family. Congrats on the new Baby! 🙂

  • KIm - Ummmmmmmmm….I don’t see Sackville NewBrunswick CANADA on your list??????? I see that Alex was on the same wave of thinking!!!!

  • Alexandra Frankel - I want the first available session next time you’re in Sacramento! LOL!

  • stormi - I need to know what dates you have open at the end of Nov.

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