Bumper Babies

Cooper and I are spending our couple of days off in Senatobia, Mississippi. This morning we hit Chuck E. Cheese’s for an hour of games. It’s amazing how much fun a two year old can have with $5.00 in tokens. I always make sure we get there right when they open to avoid a million other kids. Not to mention, we can leave and go somewhere else to actually eat lunch! Last week we spent our days off in Martin, Tennessee. Katie, my friend from high school, just lives about thirty minutes away, so we went to lunch one day with her and her 1 yr old daughter Caroline. Caroline has her very own blog and shot a photo of our “home on wheels” to post on it, and it got me thinking… I don’t think I’ve ever posted a photo of it on my blog. So here it is, our rolling house…


Caroline is very photogenic. You might recognize her from previous sneak peeks on the blog.


She couldn’t believe how much food Cooper could put away. She kept checking with Katie and I to see if we were going to slow him down. By the time he finished, he had ate his happy meal, part of my lunch, and stole a few bites of Caroline’s cheeseburger when she wasn’t looking.




And seriously… what better way to end a lunch date then with a rowdy game of bumper babies in the highchairs with wheels? If you want to see the action on video, check out CAROLINE’S BLOG. You may have to scroll down to get to it, she posts a little more often then I do!


  • codymc - Man Coop is getting BIG

  • stormi - Hey, I want that truck! I like that one. Love the picture of Cooper stuffing his cheeks full of food.

  • Katie - We have REALLY cute kids!

  • Alexandra Frankel - WOW! Girl! you travel in style!!!

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