Am I ever going to have time to sit down and REALLY blog? You know… tell you all the funny things that are going on in my world? I seriously barely have time to shower right now. I’m sitting in front of my computer editing with Grady sleeping on my chest thinking about how early 6am is going to arrive, and how my house is a TOTAL wreck, and how I have only been back shooting a week and am already feeling behind. I’m not complaining… I would much rather be busy then be bored. I have a feeling there is no chance for boredom until… say… Grady leaves for college, or better yet… for Cardinals training camp straight out of high school.

Cassidy and her family drove to Marshall from Kansas City to meet me for their session.  I love shooting “urban” sessions. They are for sure my favorite. Just walking around town and finding something that catches my eye… it keeps things interesting. These two images make me happy happy happy.

In a scuzzy back alley… in Marshall, Missouri…



  • Penny Shannon - Oh my gosh, I have lived in Marshall my whole 39 years and what you can do to a scuzzy Marshall alley!! We are there too….

  • KIm - Both beautiful. really beautiful Kathy.

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