As most of you already know, I am pretty religious about blogging.  I try to blog everyday unless there is a really good reason that keeps me from it.  What you don’t know, is I am slightly addicted to checking other blogs.  I have a few that I check everyday.  Those are only people that I know update daily. Then I have an about every other day list for more relaxed bloggers… and then I have a once every two weeks or so for those lazy bloggers out there.  Most of the links to these blogs are in the column to the right.  It seems like it would be time consuming, but I usually spend about 30 minutes every morning checking my email, sending out emails, and checking blogs.  While I’m waiting for things to download/upload (I have a pretty slow connection at home) I flip through my favorite list of blogs.  I blog myself at night right before I go to bed.  Usually around 11:00

Everyday (these people blog nearly everyday)…  [b]ecker, tara whitney, the image is found, jasmine star

At least three times a week (these bloggers usually update a couple times a week)… heather, stormi, caroline, angie, jessica claire, jessica strickland, kara elmore

These blogs I check every couple of weeks for a big catch up. They tend to post more sporadically… shannon, Cody’s Flickr, the fagins, brianna graham, kathy wolfe, audrey woulard, jrs photographers, shootsac blog, boutwells

I read about this funny test you can take on [b]ecker’s blog who found it on some one else’s blog… anyway, good news is I’m only 81% addicted to blogging.  One of the questions was… "Do you try to get your friends or family to start a blog?"  That one I flunked with flying colors.  Of all the blogs I listed above, I know five of them I talked in to blogging.  It really is a great way to keep in touch with all of your friends and family without having to sit down and email everyone.  Also, anyone who wants to see what’s going on in your world can if they want to, but isn’t forced to read your emails if their not interested. You can take the addiction test HERE.


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Photo Contest #2 Send me a picture of something that you can not live with out… the kicker… it can not be something that’s alive… pets and people are out. Time to dig down deep and search your shallow side… what’s you addiction… indulgence… or selfish pleasure? Now, once you figure out what it is… figure out a cool way to portray it in a photo and send it to me! *One entry per person. * Entries must be received via email by Friday, September 21st @ midnight. *The winner will receive a gift certificate to the restaurant or online store of their choice!

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