Blogging Challenge

This is a personal challenge to all of my blog readers to start their own blog.  Now, for those of you who just read that statement and thought you were too technically challenged to venture into the world of blogging… you are wrong!  I have my blog through TypePad.  It’s $8.95 a month automatically billed to my credit card.  The first month is FREE!  It is a SUPER easy service with lots of options and it’s completely dummy proof.  There are lots of free blog services out there also.  One very popular one is EBlogger.  I have a few friends that use it.  You can’t imagine the great things that come from my blog.  I have friends email me that I haven’t talked to in years who get the link from a friend of a friend.  Daily I get notes from our family and friends who are checking in on us.  It’s great.  It’s almost like an online diary.  My blog usually gets 25-40 hits a day.  Most blogs have the option of making the blog public or private.  That gives you the choice of being listed on search engines or hand picking who sees your blog.  Here is a list of my favorite blogs to check up on… 

Heather’s Blog (My cousin… her family blog)

Stormi’s Blog (My other cousin… her daily life)

Shannon’s Blog  (My hopefully soon to be cousin-n-law.  You know… the one who makes the FABULOUS cakes)

Angie’s Blog (A friend from High School… used to be Angie Newton)

Becker’s Blog (An awesome photographer from California)

Tara Whitney’s Blog (A super creative photographer… and a pretty funny mom)

Blu’s Blog (The company that built my "real" website… fun photo contests & daily blabber)

Baby Chic 101 (A really fun blog with TONS of momma & baby links, updates on new baby products, and celebrity baby & kid photos)

These are my daily rounds.  I hope to get an email telling me you’re venturing out so I can check up on you too!  Yes, I would prefer for all blogs to be updated daily, but if you jump out there and get one… I promise not to harass you about posting!  There you have it… It’s a challenge!

  • Stormi - Um, you haven’t blogged in three days! You are failing on your own challenge. No barrel races here this weekend. One next weekend in Princeton in an indoor arena. Let me know when you are coming to town.

  • cody - Not quite a blog — but you can always check my flickr site for a good idea of what i’ve been up to 😛

    and I live for comments on them

  • Angie Reusser - Yeah – I feel so special!!! I can’t get enough of your blog. I have shared it with all of my friends and they can’t get over your site. Another fun one from HS is Katie Hunt & Chip Kenworthy. They just had a little girl about a month ago.
    Take care Kathy!
    – Angie, Doug & Addie

    PS When are you back in IN?

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