Blog Stalkers

Okay everyone…  This blog has a handy little counter (that you can’t see) that tells me how many times a day my site is viewed, how many times pictures are opened, etc, etc, etc…  For all of you blog stalkers out there that never leave a comment, let me know you’re looking.  If you get a chance, comment your name on this post (click on the little blue "comment" link at the bottom of this paragraph) so I can see if there are 30 different people a day, or if Cooper’s two Grandmas are just logging on 15 times a day each to look at him!  I’m curious to see who’s out there! 

  • Jenny James - HI. I guess I am guilty. But yours is the only blog I stalk. Heath happened upon your site one day while surfing. In case you don’t know who I am Heath and Otey are old friends. We were very surprised to see Cooper. We are also very happy for you. Your site is great. I hope you don’t mind my nosing around;)

  • Andy - Just keep’n track of my favorite Nephew, Cooper.

  • Fagin's - I check often since we don’t get to talk much. I am always bragging about how great you are with the camera and can’t wait for you to get a normal picture of Lance to put on your site!! I would hate for folks to think my child is such a dork!!! lol Cooper is so cute and so lucky to have such a great mom! Travis and I are so happy for you and Otey and your happy life together.

    Love ya!
    Laura, Travis and Lance

  • Kelly - Hey Kathy,
    Ned and I are not on the Computer very often, but we do have to get on here and check up on you every once in a while!!
    Ned and Kelly Smith

  • Heather - To my favorite cousin!!! (don’t tell!!) I visit everyday – and you know it! :o) I keep your web clip up on my desktop so I can see each time you write. Plus, Cooper’s pics rotate through, also (the one’s I’ve downloaded). I miss you so much, and I love our phone calls, hearing about your life, and just seeing pictures of your life. You amaze me. Ask any of my friends, I always forward your postings…Dawn says you should be a comedian!!! Many hugs and blessings! Looking forward to seeing your new home…and hearing about your attempt to be “NORMAL”. ha ha…….H

  • Angie - Kathy and Co. – The Reussers are regular “stalkers.” Mom and dad are in town this morning to visit with Addie and I couldn’t resist showing them your blog. We all think Cooper is adorable and seems to be quite the ham in front of the camera! How could he not be with a mom like you. Keep having fun with your picture taking, the shots you are taking are really well done.

    Angie, Doug & Addie
    Nana and Grandpa Newton

  • Cindi House-Nichols - Hello,

    I am a guilty Blog Stalker, and hope you don’t mind. I love to view your site! I enjoy reading all about the family and seeing handsome little Cooper.

    I was right next door to you in the hospital. Stormi and I are friends and we work together. Stormi just knew we were going to be in the hospital together, and she was right. Cooper and IndiAnn were born about 10 hours apart. I hope to share some pics of her with you, since I get to enjoy Cooper so MUCH.

    He is so darn cute, and you amaze me how you keep up with it all. Thanks for sharing, and you sure are blessed with an adorable baby.

  • Karen Curry - Grandma #2 checking in. Some days only once some days morning and evening. Love you all.

  • Georgia McCloy - Hey you know I look everyday at least once,see you Thursday

  • Laurie - Hey Kathy-I love keeping up with y’all and seeing all of your pictures. Cooper is absolutely adorable. Congratulations on finding a house.

  • Stormi - You know I look!

  • Kelli - Hey Kathy & McCloy family – I don’t know if I am a blog stalker or not (yours is the only one I have ever looked at) but I do try to log on every other day or so. I LOVE the pictures,Cooper is absolutely the cutest baby! & its great to see & read what is going on in your life. My life is much to boring for a blog. go to work every day & de goes to a rodeo every weekend. But we are getting ready to move into our new home this week. It’s a 35 yr old ranch style house on 26 acres. Roping arena, barn, hay barn, fences. It was Harry Ben Heim’s (he is moving to Texas) It needs major updating – kitchen & bathrooms orginal to house. But structure wise it is perfect. Anyway we are excited and scared – much larger house note. Anyway, keep up the blogging I really enjoy it! Take care.

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