Blog Hijackin’

Baby Cole here.  I decided to hijack my Aunt Kathy’s blog for the day so I could tell you about Sunday at the park.  Uncle Otey and family were driving through on their way home from Arkansas, so we all met for Pizza and to let my big (and naughty) cousin Cooper run around a little.  I don’t know why Cooper doesn’t like getting his picture taken with me.  I think he’s pretty cool, but he sure cries easy these days…


Am I cute or what?  Cooper had fun sliding with his Dad and then with our Grandpa Bill.  Hey… no one took me down the big slide… and I was the good baby that didn’t cry!


I have this cool John Deere hat that my dad really likes… my Mom on the other hand, she likes my little fuzzy head.


Aunt Kathy had her camera out the whole time.  I still think it’s pretty neat to look at.  Cooper keeps telling me to look away, but I just can’t help myself!  Here is one she took of me trying to reach the rocks on the playground.  She says it’s her favorite.  Real nice… her favorite is me being tortured!


I had to take pictures with my Mom and Dad.  What’s with all this kissing and hugging?  First Aunt Kathy smooches and squeezes me to death… and then she talks my Mom and Dad into doing it!  Geesh…


Hope you enjoyed my blog post.  Aunt Kathy knows where to find me if you’d like to stay in touch.  Seriously… give me a call…


  • Heather - love Cole’s blue eyes! Funny pic of him and Cooper – what happened to the sweet, funny kid!?!?!

  • aunt harriet/mom - good pics, great blog!

  • cole mccloy - I love my pics and post! That becker guy should be jealous of my Aunt Kathy, he doesn’t have anything on her.
    PS Tell Cooper I love him!

  • Betsy from WI - I have to say, this was a funny blog post. I couldn’t just stalk today, I had to add a comment.

    Also, I thought I was going to make it through one day of not seeing a monkey, and baby Cole’s shirt did me in! Thanks….

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