Big Day

Cooper had a WAY big day today. We left our house at 7:30am and got home around 9:30 tonight. I had a photo session in Marshall, Missouri so Cooper went along with me so he could get his hair cut. After a few hours at the salon this morning and new do’s for both of us, Cooper hung out with my friend Erica and her two kids while I went to my session. It was 70* in Marshall today! HEAVEN! Cooper got to play outside for the first time since we left Florida in December! Here he is crusin’ with his friend Averi. This photo speaks to me…


Cooper: “I told you, you should have let me drive.”
Averi: “We’re not lost… I think I see our turn right up there.”
Cooper: “Whatever. I’ll just sit here and eat my chicken nugget.”

  • Alexandra Frankel - oh that’s super cute. Cooper looks really big sitting in the passenger seat and not strapped in the back in a carseat!

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