Behind the scenes

I was lucky enough to have my brother-in-law Cody from Atlanta, Georgia at the wedding this weekend to 2nd shoot for me. I’m not sure I should even call it 2nd shooting… maybe I should call it slave labor because that is what the pay scale would reflect. Anyway… I started going through the images that he shot and there is a photo of me shooting. Believe it or not, I think it’s the only “behind the scenes” shot that I have. So here I am at about 4:30 in the afternoon, after shooting for almost eight hours. In all my swelled up… maternity pants a saggin’ glory…


AND… (you have to say AND really loud with a pause after it… that’s how I say it much to my husband’s dismay) what would a “behind the scenes” shot be if you didn’t know what you were behind the scenes of? Here is the image I was shooting as I was being shot (that sounded funny, huh?)


I’m heading to Tennessee for a rodeo at 5am tomorrow morning. Cooper and Otey are going to have a boy’s weekend here. I’m sure they will be partaking in ice-cream and popcorn… and the fun game of dirty sock throwing in to the ceiling fan (you can’t imagine how fast a ceiling fan can sling a sock across the room). Anywho… Happy Friday!

  • Kim - YOU LOOK SO FLIPPIN AWESOME…yes, I yelled that so you could hear me all the way in Idaho, or Ohio, or Utah, or whatever state that you are in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The shot you made was amazing.
    YOU, are amazing.

  • Emily - Gosh…you made me soooo nervous all that climbing around! But it’s gonna be worth!

  • stormi - I would hope that IF (I would put that in bold letters if I could) I ever was pregnant I would hope I looked as good as you do, stayed as active as you are and was good enought to talk my brother-in-law into slave labor for me. But I am very sure Keith wouldn’t go for it.

  • aunt harriet/mom - Great job on the picture you were shooting when you were shot! You are just plain good girl!
    Love you – drive safe and have a good weekend.

  • Alexandra Frankel - Dude! You’re a way too ambitious pregnant chick! If I were pregnant, I’d be sitting on the couch eating ice-cream! LOL!!

    P.S. I love your red earrings, you are one hip chick!

    P.S.S. I LOVE that picture of the bridge and groom, just gorgeous!

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