Be a blessing contest.

Oh my gosh…I told you to check back on Thursday for something special and it's eight o'clock at night! I almost let Thursday get by me! So… here's the something special…

I have been soooo blessed this year. Blessed with a wonderful husband, a happy two year old, a second child that I thought might never happen, and a job that I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH. Because of the many blessings that I've experienced in the past year, I want to spread the love, and give you the chance to be a blessing to someone else! If you know a deserving family that would never book a session with me on their own, send me an email explaining why you think they deserve a free sitting fee, all of the digital negatives from their session, and a 16×20 print of their choice. Here are the official guidelines…

1. I will take email nominations for two weeks. I must have your email by Thursday, October 9th.

2. Because I am such a softy and would end up shooting thirty free sessions, I won't be the one who decides which family is the most deserving. I will have a panel of five judges that I trust with my world. Those five rock solid moral compasses will choose the winner.

3. The family you nominate must live in the mid-west… Anywhere in Indiana, Illinois, or Missouri is for sure fine. I also travel to the south off and on, so email me with southern locations to see if I can make it happen.

You can't imagine how excited I am about this. I have a friend that used to say that you should always live with an "I'm third" outlook on life. God first, Others second, and Self third. Now's your chance to be third… get to typing.

  • Melia Piper - If there is anyone who deserves this most it would be my friend Molly Greiner. She is my friend that lives by the Word and the Rule, GOD, FAMILY, and MINISTRY. My friend Molly is always trying her best to put the Lord first and always a good witness to others. She always puts her family first which is something she stuggled with but through prayer privailed. She is always doing things for others. There have been times in her life when God challenged her d through times of trial. I for one was not there for her when I should have been. She has been such a good friend to SO MANY people and when she struggled I was not there. I feel so much guilt for that. We are thirty years old now and have worked through much of that only to make us stonger sisters in Chirst. She has so many gifts among being a great friend. Like, being a wonderful mother who is expecting her third child (and tried like crazy to get here), a super wife, and a great teacher, daughter, sister, and the list could go on. I do believe her greatest accomplishment is her Christianity. If it wasn’t for her I would not know the Lord and my family would not be on there way of having that relationship with HIM either. Molly never does thing for herself and has been a stay at home mom for years, so she has been conservative with her money. They have never had such professional pictures taken. One can only imagin the imagain how beautiful this family is on the inside and out. They would be so grateful and deserving of this gift and opportunity. I would just be honored to have had the chance to turn the tables and do something nice for her for once. Melia

  • Kim - This is so you Kathy…

  • aunt harriet/mom - you are such a blessing to our family and to others, I am so proud of you.

  • Alison - Great idea Kathy!!! I love it!

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