Barkin’ Dogs

as in my feet… not canines.  I seriously worked at the new house ALL DAY today.  I am slowly and stubbornly beginning to learn a lesson (keep reading Mom, you’re going to appreciate this one)…  I NEVER wear shoes (or rarely socks if you want to be honest) in the house… and I seldom wear them outside from about the middle of May to the first of September.  I don’t know what it is about being barefoot, but I like it.  Here’s where the lesson comes in… the older I get, the more it seems my feet hurt at the end of a long day of barefootedness (what a great word… barefootedness).  I am beginning to realize why my Mother insists on wearing her shoes in my no-shoes-house.  In her defense, she does (seriously) wipe the bottom of them off if she’s been outside.  Does this mean that I’m getting old?  Maybe just fatter… I can deal with fatter… I have control over fatter… but old?  Please not old with sore feet at the end of the day!  I did get nearly all of the trim painted in the house today.  Tomorrow I’m starting in on the fun stuff.  Here is a little preview of the SIX colors of paint I bought for the Coop man’s totally rockin’ new big boy room…


I wish I wasn’t so stinking tired and in pain (remember… it’s because I’m fat…not old) or I’d go out to the truck and get all the cans and open them for a pic of the real stuff.  Oh well, they’ll be plenty of pics when I’m done.  By the way, I have marked a couple more things off the 2do list with the help of Otey (the repeat winner of the Husband of the Year award for five straight years now).  He cleaned the camper SPOTLESS… I’m talking vacuum, dust, bathroom, kitchen, all of it!  Not to mention he did a little laundry and picked up the house, and did some manual labor at the new house… now that is a keeper, huh ladies?

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