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Okay… I am a fuddy duddy.  I NEVER forward emails… and truth be known, 90% of the time, I don’t read the forwarded emails that I receive.  I know everyone needs a good laugh, but I get plenty of them from the three foot tall comedian I live with.  If you are a Facebooker (there I go again) everyone “tags” everyone else with big long lists of questions you are supposed to fill out about yourself and share.  I don’t know if it’s the tiny itty bitty bit of rebel I have bottled up inside of me that never EVER comes out, or pure laziness…. but I am a fuddy duddy.  I hit delete and go on with my life.  It’s kind of a weird thing though, I enjoy the fact that my friends want to know about me, and that they take the time to send me that stuff… I don’t know why I never participate.

Fun Hater?

Fuddy Duddy?

Either way, today I am breaking the chain!  I am participating in a blog tag from Tanya and I might add… with a willing heart.  Why a willing heart all of the sudden?  Well you know I enjoy sharing my total un-coolness with you… and after this post… I won’t have anything left to prove.  The tag rules went like this…

1. Post a picture of whatever bag you are today – not last weekend when you and your hubby went out to that fabulous restaurant. No cheating!!!
2. Tell us how much it cost. This is a no-judgment zone — there will be no ridiculing or eye rolling here. And, if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, I’d love to hear it.

So.  Here’s my bag/purse…


I do wish you could touch it.  It is the yummiest softest (a little more cranberry than the photo looks) leather that I. LOVE.  I have a great story that goes with it.  I was home in Terre Haute for a couple of weeks in December and was ON THE HUNT for a new bag.  I have never been a traditional diaper bag carrier.  In fact, I don’t own any bags that are “real” diaper bags.  In my world, EVERY bag is a diaper bag.  I refuse to carry a small purse and a diaper bag.  I just don’t have enough hands.  So for three years now I have just carried a HUGE purse and made sure to call it a diaper bag so that Otey would hold it for me while I went to pee if I needed him to (Otey’s purse phobia is a blog post in it’s self).  I knew what kind of bag I wanted…leather, not black or brown (I have about 5 of those) zipper, short handles.  I found it at TJ Max for $99.99.   I know.  Too much for a bag…. but it was regularly $288.00!!!  SERIOUSLY?!  Who could pass up that deal?  Even after I got such a screaming discount, it still sat with the paper in it for four days while I decided if I was going to keep it or return it.  I loved it… but did I need it?  Absolutely not.  Moral of this story… my selfishness won over my sensibility and I have been carrying it ever since.  I went to the Fossil webpage to find the link for you, but they don’t have it online anymore.  Good news?  I found it on Amazon for $151.20!  Not quite the deal I got, but close! The link is at the bottom of this post.

The bag is HUGE. Like carry a Volkswagen in it huge. I call it a purse, Otey calls it a satchel just to annoy me (satchel is such a yucky word) and my Dad walked in the day I bought it and saw it sitting on the table in all it’s paper stuffed glory and said “That’s a nice suitcase”.

He was serious.

Like I said, HUGE.

What’s in my purse/satchel/suitcase?


If I was actually walking out the door with my bag, it would also house “Mommy’s Blue Drink“, two pacifiers, and my phone.

iPhone Car and House Charger – Although I do love my sweet little iPhone… battery life, not so good

$2.00 – wadded up in the side pocket… who knows

Tylenol – the only thing I can take that’s safe for Grady

Icebreakers – like three months old… do mints expire?

2 ink pens & a sharpie – sharpie for shipping labels and signing autographs… ha.

Spare Key – Just so you know… Chrysler Pacificas are nearly impossible for a locksmith to get into.  I’ve had a broken window as proof.

Size 6 & 3 diapers, wipes, Butt Paste – Size SIX diapers?  Like my friend Julia said… “What’s next?  Depends?”

Kid’s Tylenol, Motrin, Saline, Booger Sucker, & Fingernail Clippers – so I don’t have to repack that stuff evrytime we leave town (weekly)

Business Cards – no one ever asks me for one… just makes me feel like a real grown up.

Bear – ???  Not sure where that came from.

2 Grady hats – G-funk and I like a little variety in our hat life.  Lumberjack, or cute little calf… we’re covered.

Homemade Taggy – VERY proud parenting moment.  I made it for Cooper and now Grady is using it.

Burp Rag – my FAVORITE burp rags… and my FAVORITE baby gift to send.

My foot – needs a pedicure

Grady outfit – he poops.  A LOT.

Grady onesie – see one line above.

Strawberry MiniWheats – great Cooper snack

Sweet Potato Puffs – in case of emergency for Grady

Dried Blueberries – Cooper’s FAVORITE snack (from my Mom’s company).

Carrots, Bib, 2 spoons – We’ve been over this, Grady likes to eat.

Wallet – From Target.  Like $12.  Black and Hot pink.  Wish I had the matching Fossil wallet.  Do they make wallets to match suitcases?

THE sunglasses – These sunglasses are the punchline to many jokes at the McCloy house.  They are the only pair of sunglasses that I have ever had that cost more than $10 and I have been wearing them for FIVE years.  YES.  FIVE YEARS.   My husband goes through an expensive pair of sunglasses about once a year, and so I take great pride in constantly reminding him that I have kept up with the same $75 pair for FIVE YEARS.  Hey Otey…


The world’s largest blog post about the world’s largest purse.  So Tanya… that will teach you to tag me. 🙂


UPDATE… The $151.20 one sold… here’s the same bag… more $$$

  • Angie - Out in California I bought my first Fossil bag! I Love it! It was originally $199 dollars and I got it for $60!!! I had to have it and didn’t even realize it was part of the sale!

  • lori leonard-swaim - I thought I was the only one that carried around that much “stuff” in my purse/diaper bag. We were at Sea World last week and the “bag searcher guy” asked me if I was a paper collector. My husband thought that was too funny.
    Anywhoo…I didn’t know the Iphone had a car charger…I gotta get one!!
    Hope you’re doing well. Your boys are adorable…I can’t believe how fast they grow up. Stormi gets her 6 month shots today. 🙁
    Have a good day! Hopefully Cooper can fix Otey’s leg today!!

  • Heather Mears - I am an avid purse, shoe and jewelry lover! Here’s why…no matter how skinny or in my case chubby, I ever get, my shoe size never changes and the purses and jewelry will always fit! And did you know??? The bigger the bag you carry, the smaller your butt looks! See!? You’re doing yourself a favor by carrying a huge bag!

  • Kim - OMGosh…I do NOT own a purse. I’m not a purse person…don’t know why but never have been. But when I opened your blog today and that first image popped up on my screen, I screamed! THAT”S IT….that’s the purse for me. The first time I have EVER felt that!!!!!
    I love everything about it….I am in serious love…’s only taken me 45 years…but I may be on my way to buying a purse. Thankyou so much Kathy:)
    I’m going to Amazon right now!

  • Mandi - Priceless!!! I have just upgraded to a purse/diaper bag….when you have kiddos to chase and keep track of, who has hands for one more not-so-cute bag to keep track of? Love it…

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