Back in the saddle again…

The McCloy family had their first road trip as a family of four this weekend.  Saturday we loaded up the kids and drove to Chicago for a rodeo.  I was just on Mom duty and a bronc riders wife.  I shouldn’t say “just” on Mom duty because being “just” on Mom duty is a little bigger chore with two kids.  Otey rode great and ended up third.  We got back home about 4:00am on Sunday morning.  Driving all night isn’t that big of a deal when you don’t get to sleep at home anyway!  Otey drove the six hours both directions and I got in a few little catnaps on the way home.  Grady did great and of course Cooper kept us entertained for about eight of our twelve hours in the car.  He makes me laugh out loud non-stop.  2 1/2 is a great age.  If I could get him potty trained, I’d like to just freeze time right here for a few years.

I had my first photo shoot back this evening just outside of Ottumwa.  I’m for sure not back to 100% yet, but it was A LOT easier then shooting at 8 1/2 months pregnant!  It’s funny that I was a little nervous going in to the shoot.  I’m always a touch nervous meeting new clients, but tonight I was just worried that I would feel rusty.  Good news is, I didn’t.  Once we started shooting it felt like I hadn’t missed a day and it’s actually been almost two months.  I don’t usually get sneak peaks up quite this fast, but poor Amy was so nervous that I wasn’t getting anything good, I feel like I need to give her something not to stress about.  I’m the one that is supposed to be stressed that I’m not getting anything good!  So here you go Amy… a sneak peak of your sneak peak!


These are actually birthday photos. Three and One.  Just think, one year ago Amy was going through exactly what we are going through right now.  Actually worse, because her kids are a little closer in age then ours.  Yikes!


  • KIm - Beautiful images Kathy:)

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