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If you don't have kids, or if your kids are older then three, you probably will want to skip today's post.  Here are a few random baby & toddler links that I *heart*.

BABY 411 (the first year)
Baby Book a first time Mom CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT.  PERIOD.  Forget the
"what to expect" books.  I'm telling you, I seriously looked things up
in this book EVERY SINGLE DAY for the first six months of Cooper's
life.  I can not express in words my LOVE for this book.

TODDLER 411 (toddler years)
The 2nd most important book a first time Mom CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT.

SANDRA BOYNTON (kids books)
The author of Cooper's favorite books.  The Barnyard Dance, Blue Hat Green Hat, and Moo Baa La La La are his three favorites.

The cutest things EVER.  Yes, we own them.  They are awesome with just a onesie at night.  Makes diaper changing super fast and easy.

ZUTANO (baby clothes)
Just because I think babies should dress like babies… and we all know how much I love color.

ROBEEZ (baby shoes)
Super cute baby shoes that don't fall off and are comfy and soft.

PUMA (toddler shoes)
I love Puma Tennis Shoes.  I have who knows how many pairs, and Cooper is on his 4th pair.  He's currently sporting the "Wheel Spin" in white and navy.  They are just lighter and less bulky then Nikes and other "normal" kid's tennis shoes.  I wash his leather ones (and mine) in the washing machine.  Love them.

ADIRI (breast feeding bottle)
This is the coolest bottle ever.  Just two parts to wash and Grady has no problem switching back and forth.  They are pretty expensive, but we only needed one and now that I have it, it's worth every dime!

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  • KIm - I swear I would be a better mother in 2008 due to all the cool things and baby gadgets they have now. They did NOT have this neat stuff when my kids were babies!

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