How did Otey and I get three nephews that are so stinking cute?  I FINALLY got to see Cole for the first time in two months and look how big he’s got!  Cole’s newborn pics from the middle of February are in a folder on the right side of this page if you have forgotten how itty-bitty he was.  He has grown soooo much and is such a happy little guy.  It’s hard to believe just one year ago Coop was that little.  Check out Cole and his baby blues…



I snapped a few unplanned pics of Cooper and Cole together.


Then we decided to put on the matching shirts Grandma McCloy bought them.  Neither one of them were very cooperative and I believe this is the only shot that they are both even in the same frame…


Funny… huh?  Cooper thought Cole was pretty darn neat. Coop is so 100mph all of the time, we really had to watch him because he was patting Cole like he does our dog Louie and was "handing" him toys.  Cole was a good sport and took Cooper’s tough love like a champ.  Cole and his parents are already back in Missouri.  Grandma & Grandpa McCloy are here with Cooper still.  I’m working right now, and if I was guessing, they are watching Cooper play outside on his traveling playground.  Oh, the life of a one year old.

  • brandy - I absolutely LOVE the 2nd pic on this page!!!!! Great job Aunt Kathy!

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