Baby 3.0 needs a flippin’ name.

I am absolutly positively NOT waiting until the last minute to name this baby.  Cooper was named four months before we had him.  Grady was named 14 hours AFTER we had him.  I am a planner.  I need a plan.  I am 11 weeks from my due date and this baby needs a name and he needs one soon.

Here are my standard naming rules for those of you new to this game….

1. Easy to spell (one “normal” spelling).

2. Easy to read (one standard pronunciation).

3. No “for short”.  Whatever we name this baby… we will call him.

Now… for those of you that participated in naming Grady… here’s a few new rules for you…

Can’t start with a “C” or “G” sound (this includes K’s)

Can’t end in “er” or “y” (this includes “ie” sound)

I know, I know… but I told you I was a planner!  I just want all of my kids names to be TOTALLY different from each other.





Here are a few way cool names that fit the rules but for some reason (friends kids, family members, etc) are crossed off… Cole, Alex, Evan, Lane, Jake, Wyatt, Kyle.

Names that haven’t been crossed off the list yet…  Knox, Max, Nate, Pace, Brant.

This is a side note… how many Max’s do you know (under 10)?  Max is really high on the 2007 & 2008 popularity list (another thing I don’t want) but I don’t know hardly any  young Max’s… what about you?

  • nancy - How about Spencer?

  • nancy - Spencer-

  • Max Catterson - My name is max….pretty sure im the only one i know.

  • Summer Bartlett - Names I love =)


    Hope these help =) I just stumbled across your page and thought Id throw some names out. I love baby names!!!!

  • BreeAnna - Some I like…..Braden, Blake, Ben, Tate, Logan, Seth, Noah, Shaun, Nick, Jace, Luke…..

  • Dana - Max. I vote Max. I love that names. I know NONE. I can’t believe it was popular.

  • Brooke - oh this is fun: Benjamin, Dalton, Marshall, Jonathon, Jack.

    I could play this game all day long.

  • kay mcgee - Wasn’t Max your horses name?

  • Abbie Toy - My little boy just turned 4, on Nov. 9th, and his name is Max. I don’t hear of many at all though, which is one of the reasons I love his name so much.
    But I do LOVE the name Knox – never thought of that one. I always liked the name Jasper for a little boy, too, but I know it ends in “er” so it doesn’t follow your “rules:)” Good luck!!

  • marilyn knutson - Trace,Max,Zach

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