As requested Angie…


My Belly… 11 weeks to go. 11 WEEKS? WHAT? It’s almost here. This little monster dancing the conga inside my belly is actually coming out in 11 WEEKS? AHHHHH!!!! I just said to Otey today, I am REALLY going to be out numbered at our house. I have like 18 years of dirty socks (X3), stinky boys shoes (X3), and smelly man farts (X3) ahead of me. Holy smokes.

Sidenote… Self portraits are by far my weak WEAK spot. Otey is going to try and shoot some belly pictures for me sometime this next month. Hopefully we’ll get some worth sharing. Happy Saturday.

  • Kim - I think that is a beautiful shot Kathy.
    i just read the comment about Nikon…that’s hilarious!
    Ok, back to the shot….you look beautiful.
    Hope all is well…counting down the days for you…..

  • Angie - LOVE the belly shot! I think I need to borrow that dress the next time I’m expecting… very stylish! Love ya – Angie

  • codymc - rofl

  • kathy - Let me clarify all this camera name talk… NIKON HAS NEVER BEEN ON OUR NAME LIST! Cannon (like the big gun… not the camera) is still on the list! Thanks to all my smarty pants family members for chiming in.

  • stormi - Please don’t tell me we are still stuck with the baby Nikon. I like Cannon so much better. But I can see Kathy saying “Hey Otey get Cannon for me” and Otey bringing her a camera!

  • cody - Clearly we need an update on the naming process of baby Nikon 😀

  • Alexandra Frankel - Supercute! You are so STYLYING!!

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