All. By. My. Self.

It is soooo weird to be here without any of my family.  All. By. My. Self. I keep feeling like I forgot Cooper in the car or something!  You would think I would have had a great nights sleep last night, but instead, I woke up every few hours wondering if Cooper had pooped all over himself again.  I can’t remember the last time I was alone.  No Otey, no Cooper, no Louie… it’s so odd.  This morning my phone started ringing at about 8:00, so I was up and had nothing to do until lunch time. I decided I’d try to bust through the rest of Cole’s newborn pics while I had some time without Cooper.  Here is one of my new favorites…


Is he not the sweetest thing ever?  Ben was entered last night at the rodeo I’m working, so I got to see Cole and his parents.  I only got to hold him for like 5 minutes because I had to get back to work, but he just smells so good and is so tiny!  I could hold him all day!  I asked Brandy if he could go back to Iowa with me.  As you can imagine, she didn’t think that was such a good idea!

One more night of work, and then I’m headed back to Iowa.  Otey is leaving for Texas late tonight, so my poor Mom is going to be flying solo with the little poop monster all night.  Good luck Grandma… I’ll see you first thing tomorrow morning!

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