I am soooooooo excited! I entered a photo of Grandpa George in a photo contest with hundreds of other (way better then me) photographers on BluDomain’s Blog and I MADE THE FINAL FOUR!!! Voting goes on for one month. Here is my shameless plea…

PPPHHHHLEASE go and vote for my image! You can only vote one time per email address for the entire month. So take 30 seconds and vote for the photo you like the best… just kidding… did you really think I meant that whole “the photo you like best” crap? VOTE FOR ME! Also, if you are feeling extra helpful, please plug me on your blog or via email! I’ll take all the guilt and or sympathy votes from complete strangers I can get!

My Photo is #2… You’ll see my name!


**Sorry if you are in my address book and a loyal blog reader… you’re also getting this post as an email. Just disregard if you’ve already voted!***

  • Kimberly - Your entry in BluDomain’s contest is how I found your blog. I was sent to vote for another blogger, but liked yours better and voted for your pic instead of the one I was supposed to vote for. Hope you win!

  • laurie - i have 5 email addresses…i’ll vote for you!

  • laurie - i have 5 email addresses…i’ll vote for you!

  • Jeremi - Me, too! Good luck!!

  • Alex - VOTED! Hope you win!!

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