9 1/2 months

My tiny itty bitty new born baby is 9 1/2 months old.


He’s still tiny though.

And itty bitty.

Babies that weigh almost 19 pounds and that have grown 1.5 inches since the end of January… they are still considered newborns.

itty bitty tiny newborns.



Take a deep breath…

Rest your eyes for a second….

I wouldn’t want you to slip in to some kind of cuteness comma…




still tiny.


  • Kim - I HAD to come back for another look. Man I love that sweet face….you just want to eat him up:)

  • Marsha - Goodness….what a cute child! Next time you’re in town you must bring him by.

  • shari yahnke - ok, we’re all addicted and ready for part 7 but where are the old pictures to go along with the story????

  • emily - Pretty sure I am in love!

  • Leah Robinson - PURE CUTENESS Kathy!!!!!!

  • SHARON - Know what I love the most about these pictures? HIS GUMS! They are absolutely adorable! Course, I love everything about him but the gums are extra special! Sharon

  • Kim - How on earth do you stand it????????????

  • brandy - OMG! Love him, LOVE him! YUM.

  • Amy - PRECIOUS!!! and all I could think of while looking at the sweet little dumplin was “Im wanna have his babies! ” haha

  • Farming Fabulously - Grady is quite the poiser! Very adorable!

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