Otey’s wonderful Grandpa turned 80 years old today.  80 years… can you imagine?  He is such a wonderful man who truly loves his family and the Lord with every ounce of his being.  All of Otey’s grandparents have been wonderful to me form the day that I met them, but there is something special about Grandpa George.  He is the kind of man that others aspire to be like.  I love listening to him tell stories and laugh, or listening to Otey tell stories about when he was a kid and used to stay at their house all of the time.  Otey looks a lot like his Grandpa.  His signature nose that we all give him such grief about looks like it’s been cut and pasted straight off his Grandpa’s face.  Before Cooper was born, I always teased Otey and said "Lord help us if he has your nose".  Truthfully, I would love for Cooper to end up having that nose… not because it’s Otey’s, but because it’s Grandpas.  I hope and pray Cooper grows into a man that has more then just physical appearance in common with Grandpa.  Today was wonderful.  All of Otey’s family (his older brother from Atlanta, his cousin from Texas, and more) came to town today to celebrate the big 8-0.  Our sweet nephew, Cole, had his six month pictures taken today (actually he’s seven months now).  Here is the very first one I opened… and loved…


I’m sure there will be TONS more of Cole over the next few weeks, along with some more birthday shots.  Thanks for checking out my blog.  I’m glad you’re all out there.

  • Jasmine* - Happy B-day Gramps!! 🙂

  • Heather - can’t believe how sappy you are anymore!!! :o)

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