Seven hundred ninety six.

That’s how many days it’s been since I blogged.

That doesn’t even seem possible as I type it.  I spent five years blogging at minimum three times a week.  I slowly built a blog following and from that (and word of mouth) I built my business.  To think that I POURED my heart out here through images and words and then left it dormant for over two years is crazy.  Here is what I can credit this lonnnnggg blogging hiatus to.

1. Facebook.  I’m sad to admit that the ease and speed of Facebook has officially sucked me in.  Post one photo from a wedding and BAM!!  three hundred people just saw it?  Ummmm… yes.  Sign me up please.  No time to blog????  No worries… all my blog readers are on Facebook anyway.

2. Growing Dirtbags.  The past two years have been filled with running kids to and from school, practice, programs, birthday parties… doing homework, learning to use the potty, cleaning up messes, and MAYBE teaching them a thing or two here and there.

3. Running a business.  Whoa… Do I struggle with this one.  Show up on time, take your photos, pour my heart and soul in to capturing every single drop of love I witness that day?  That’s what I’m good at.  Book Keeping, webpages, and paperwork????  Not my strong points.  The late night hours sitting in front of the computer after the Dirtbags go to bed leave me with an “empty tank” when the thought of blogging tries to sneak in my head.

4. Service.  As in serving others out of love.  Loving others as Christ loves me.  Planting seeds that make my heart FULL and doing things that REALLY MATTER.  I have always known what was truly important… but seeking out to LIVE what is truly important is now my number one priority.

4. OVER COMMITMENT.  (please refer to numbers 2-4)

It breaks my heart to think I don’t have a written record of the past two years like I do from the five before.  With all that being said…




Maybe not everyday, maybe not even every other day… but with balance and perspective…. I’m back.


  • Amber - I’m so glad…I’ve missed blog stalking you. Lol I’m one of the few who doesn’t have facebook soooo I’m glad you’re back around!!!!

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