Cooper is LOVING every minute of vacation.  He is crazy about the water.  The ocean, the pool, the bathtub… any water!  He’s not scared to just stick his face in it or to splash like crazy.  We spent some time on the beach today.  Here are a couple of shots of my sweetie enjoying the day…



  • Heather - Kathy – I want a copy of the b&w of Cooper on the beach!!!!!

  • Stormi - Glad you are having fun. Louis is doing great. Randy said he pouted until after noon yesterday. I gave him a bath on Sunday since I didn’t know the last time he had gotten a bath. you know how they run around like mad animals after a bath? I think that is the only time he played with Mazey! they played tug of war yesterday with Mazey’s decoy. She growled at Louis, not that he knew the difference, but she sure was trying to be bossy. He growled back at her so I had to listen to them both for about 5 minutes. They do great together, Paws isn’t a happy cat right now. I’ll tell you that story when you get home. Glad you are having fun.

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