4th of July…

… in March.

I have like 30 sessions from last summer and fall that I never blogged.  I thought since the start of wedding season was upon us, and I have been getting tons of email and calls from excited prospective brides, why not pull a wedding from last summer and share a few favorites?

Richelle and Kevin (check out their blog here) got married over 4th of July weekend in front of a small group of friends and family in Richelle’s hometown in Missouri.  Their wedding was very intimate… very relaxed.  Minus a few weather issues, I don’t think Richelle could have scripted a more special evening.

The morning after the wedding, we ventured in to the small town of Palmyra to shoot my FAVORITE thing about being a wedding photographer… a WE DID IT session.

8004eI LOVE shooting WE DID IT sessions.  Two people madly in love, dressed to the nines, still so excited about getting married… but no stress of the wedding day.  What could be better?


8040eIs Richelle BEAUTIFUL or what?  She works as a television news anchor in Florida and man oh man does the camera love her.  I could have shot her all day long.


Carpenter Kevin isn’t so hard on the eyes either…


It was fun to walk around the town that she grew up in and hear tons of childhood memories.



Love the next one… they just look so happy.  And look at how they are holding hands… not staged… just familiar and comfy.  Can you hold hands “comfy”?  Maybe I should say perfectly comfortable.



This last image is shot exactly where they were married the night before.


It really is such a privilege to be invited in to the biggest day of a person’s life.  I love documenting the real moments of the day, and I REALLY love getting to know the families.  I received some great news this week.. this summer I will get to spend another special day with Richelle’s family… her baby sister’s wedding!  Yippee, Meredith!  I can’t wait!

  • karen - I love all your pictures.

  • Kathy McCloy - test

  • Richelle - kathy – you are too kind! it was your photo magic that helped us come across so wonderfully. Thank you again – and I’ll see you this summer!

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