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I’d like to start out by saying my blog had exactly 90 hits on Monday, and only like 25 people spoke up on my poles… geesh!  How much easier can I make this for you?  I guess I’ll just sit back and wonder who is out there lurking.  For those of you who actually read this… apparently some of my really *smart* friends only look at the pictures… here’s an update on the McCloy’s world…

We got home from Minnesota this evening and started right in on the HUGE to do list we have to complete before we leave in one week for Cheyenne, WY. 

1. switch all of the utilities to our name at the new house.

2. print and ship all pending photo orders (that one will be marked off by noon tomorrow)

3. wash all of the dirty clothes, pack, and re-load the camper

4. speaking of camper, clean it. It is  D.. SCUST… ING!

5. pick out new carpet for the new house, buy it, schedule the installation

6. hire someone to mow at the new house

7. mow at the old house

8. shoot pictures of Dodge Rodeo merchandise for their webpage

9. edit Erica’s maternity shoot (before baby Will is old enough to order pictures himself)

10. get Cooper his 18 month shots (shots with a needle… not camera… guess I need to do that too)

11. finish 6 or 8 shirts (it’s bad that I don’t know how many that there are) for the opening of a rodeo that is only three weeks away

12. pay all of this months bills (and a pesky speeding ticket… thanks a lot Illinois State Police)

13. try and keep this house spotless while completing all of the above tasks… it shows tomorrow afternoon

There are like 9 million other things, but those are the ones fresh in my mind at the moment.  Here are a couple of random shots from the past few weeks…

Headed down the pier in Skin-E-Atlas New York… Okay, so that’s not how you spell it, but that is how you say it 🙂


My second cousin, Ty (who is 3ish) and his little friend at the reunion last week.


And my friend Mika… who is the sport of all sports.  I said… "Can I take pictures of your eye lashes?  Sit down here in your driveway."  Her response… "okay."


  • Emily - I have no idea how you keep up with all this!! Who new a picture of eyelashes could be so neat!

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