25,522. Holy. Cow.

My blog flipped 25,000 hits this week. Holy. Cow. The craziest part is I have been blogging for 16 months now, and over 13,000 of the hits have been in the past four months! Again… Holy. Cow. A few other stats for you… this is my 382nd blog post, and there have been 381 comments from blog readers. I usually get around 200 hits a day on my blog. My record high day is almost 400 hits. Sundays are my slowest days (usually only about 50 hits) and Monday’s are always my busiest day of the week (don’t you people have stuff to do at work?). I usually know what I’m going to blog about before I even sit down in front of the computer. People always ask me how I find time to blog everyday. I guess the answer is I just keep it on my must do list. I sometimes blog during the day while I’m waiting for photos to upload, or while Cooper is napping, but usually I blog late at night right before I go to bed. It’s a good way for me to wind down and let out whatever has been banging around in my head all afternoon. The blog has turned out to be a great business tool for me, but truthfully, I love that it has helped me keep in touch with people that I wouldn’t have the time to sit down and email individually everyday. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE getting comments. When you comment on my blog, I get an email with your comment in it. I open the email up and read them, and sometimes I even open them up on my blog after I post the next day and read them again. It’s great to know that you’re all out there checking in on my little world. Side note… I shot some pictures today for the sole reason of posting them here tonight, and then I realized I forgot my wireless card for my computer, and Otey’s computer doesn’t have a card reader. I’ll get something figured out because there’s no way we can go three weeks with no photos! Anywho… thanks for stopping by & being a part of my world.

*** You know how I made the “things I’m thankful for” list on Thanksgiving and #4 was blank? That wasn’t an accident… that was Cletus the Fetus and we just weren’t telling anyone yet! ***

  • Heather - How funny, that’s what you ‘named’ Lexi before she was born…Lexi and Lenzi have put in their order for a GIRL!!!!

  • Jolyn - Cletus the Fetus!
    That’s pretty good!

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