I got Louie when I was a Sophomore in college.  Long before I knew Otey, long before I had kids, and long before I had much common sense.  He traveled every mile I ever went, and slept in every hotel room.  He ate McDonalds drive through and ended up loving my husband even more than he loved me.   We found out in December that Louie had bladder and prostate cancer.  After treating him for the past four months, the cancer was just too much for his little body to handle.

A sad sad day, and a great great dog.

Rest in peace Lou, we’ll miss you.

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  • Alison - I’m sorry to hear about Louie. It is so hard to go through. We just did the same thing with our Siberian Husky. He was Trav and I’s first dog together. It is a great picture of Louie though. I need to do the same thing on my blog for JoJo.

  • Shannon - Kathy, so sorry to hear. I know how painful it is to lose your furry friend.

  • Tanya - Kathy, bless your heart. I totally know what you are going through. This past year we lost our family dog and I remember how hard it was. You and your boys are in our thoughts.

  • Alysen - How sad. I hope you all are doing ok. I know they become “family” and you get so attached to them.

  • Kathy - We always know it’s going to happen, but it’s really hard when it does. Keep the memories alive and keep telling those little boys how much Louie loved them also. RIP Louie. Pets are wonderful things for all.

  • Sharon T. - Kathy: What a very sad time for you! I remember seeing him when you shot our pictures–he seemed like a wonderful family pet.

  • Amanda McLeod - I’m sorry to hear about Louie. It is never easy to lose a 4 legged member of the family. You’re in my thoughts.

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