I LOVED high school… every second of it.  I loved the note passing, skipping class (sorry Mom), football games, proms, homecomings… everything about it.  I had GREAT friends.  You’ve all heard me talk about my BFF Julie.  Well, I had a senior shoot with Ashton B. last weekend and it took me back.  She had one of her friends there to watch and they were just as goofy as we were.  It seems like just yesterday we were toilet papering houses and staying up all night giggling.  I think that’s why seniors are my very favorite thing to shoot… I love their light hearts and excitement for the future… not to mention who can take a bad shot of a kid that looks like this?



2225e    2598e


Check back for more of Ashton B. over the next few weeks.

  • Ashton - Hey! i love the pictures and i cant wait til i get to see my proofs! hehe i have been showing my friends during school and they love them! Thank you so much for doing them for me.

  • aunt harriet/mom - Were’nt you the one that was going to blog 30 days straight???
    I also would like a Cooper fix!

  • mom - Ashton’s pictures are beautiful. But as a Granma I expect to see a picture of Cooper pretty soon. It has been 2 WEEKS !!!!

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