1. Cooper still has the occasional REALLY bad poop EVERYWHERE diaper because of the extra phosphate issue that he’s supposed to out grow soon.

2. Cooper now gets in and out of his crib whenever he feels like it.

3. I’ll let you do the DISGUSTING MATH.

Otey and I were greeted with a lovely surprise in the hallway this morning. Cooper with ka-ka all over him. I was greeted with an even more lovely surprise after Otey left for work… Cooper has obviously been up for awhile and played a lot in his room before we got up. Let’s just say I’ve been cleaning up the “evidence” of an early crib break out for the past hour. Thank you God for Clorox wipes and Febreeze.

Countdown to the baby jail crib tent arrival is getting serious… one more night!

  • Kari - Yippeeee!! I LOVE them. Can’t wait to see the rest:.) This will suffice me and from now on I will be patiently waiting. (Well, kinda) See you at Murray.

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