240ish days


What happened to my tiny little newborn baby?  How on earth could he possibly be big enough to STAND UP?


Doesn’t it just seem like yesterday that I was moaning and groaning through my last few weeks (okay, months) of pregnancy?  I CAN NOT BELIEVE he is going to be a year old in just a few months.  NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

How do you go from this….


to this…


… in 8 months?

Eight months.   That’s only 240 days.

Are you laughing at his clothes?  I know he looks like a little goober.  He did have on the shirt that matched those pants but it got all slobbery and gross.  That’s a theme at our house… multiple clothing changes all day long due to some sort of baby excretion.  It seems like all day everyday one end or the other of them is leaking.  Okay, this is headed down a dark road… I’ll go to bed on that note.

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