10 random thoughts

1. I really, really, REALLY like sleeping in… and showering without a toddler.  These two things seem to be distant memories that are now unattainable.  Someday… someday I’ll be able to pee without little fingers sticking under the door.

2. I am busy.  Very. Very. Busy.  I say all the time that I don’t have a "real" job.  It seems these days that all my "fake" jobs are consuming my entire life. 

3. Laundry sucks.  Just when you conquer the pile like one of those climbers on a mountain with ice cycles hanging out their nose… someone empties a suitcase or a hamper and you roll down the mountain to start the climb again. Ugh.

4. I feel like painting again.  For the first time since college, I am starting to really feel creative again.  Four years of art classes, being forced to mass produce, somehow squelched my deep desire to create.  I think it’s finally coming back.

5. I have wonderful friends.  Over the past six months… the failed invetro attempts, two Grandparents dying, trying to get Cooper diagnosed, and then our anniversary… your tons of emails have meant the world to me.  I truly, deeply, sincerely think I am maybe the most blessed person on the planet.

6.  I love… no LOVE Schwann’s Peach Frozen Yogurt.  If you haven’t tried it… you haven’t lived.  If I were allowed to enter my own photo contest (speaking of which, get busy you slackers, you only have four more days) I would enter a photo of a big heaping spoonful of Schwann’s Peach Frozen Yogurt.  Yum.

7. You know how we got that new furniture a few weeks ago?  Our first real-life-grown-up couches?  They are in our new house that we don’t live in and I never get to sit on them.  Here’s a picture of one with the pillows that came with it.  They are soon to be replaced with something loads more fun!


8.  I have wanted a kitchenaid stand mixer my entire adult life.  My mom bought me one for a house warming present in red… exactly what I’d always wanted… a red kitchenaid mixer.  I love it so much, I coordinated my kitchen, dining room, and living room to match my mixer (notice the red curtain in the background).

9.  I am slowly developing a not-so-brown thumb.  I just got another one this weekend who I named Steve.  Funny… Cooper won’t say Grandma or Grandpa… but he calls the plant SEEEEVVVVVEEEE.  Funny.  We also have three our four smaller un-named plants that have been alive for nearly half a year now.  Just call me Martha Stewart.

10. I have one more session opening in Marshall, Missouri the weekend of October 22nd, and I am coming to Terre Haute the first weekend in November to do some family sessions.  If you are interested in booking in the Terre Haute area, find a friend or another family, and I’ll let you split the session fee.  You know you want a fun shot for that Christmas card… or you could get one taken in front of the Christmas tree drop cloth at Sears.  Seriously.  Call me.

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